Rapid Charger Breakthrough

Range anxiety and charge time are two of the main reasons people are put off going electric. They are understandable concerns granted as these aren’t even a thought when it comes to combustion vehicles. Well, these concerns are about to be diminished with the latest technological breakthrough in EV chargers.

What are Rapid Chargers?

Rapid chargers are the fastest way to charge you electric vehicle, typically found at services or close to main travel routes. These devices source high power direct or alternating current – DC or AC – to recharge a car as quickly as possible.

Dependent on the model, EVs can be charged to 80% in around 20 minutes, although it can take average new EV upto an hour using a standard 50 kW rapid charge-point. Power output from a charging unit signifies the maximum charging speed available, though the charging speed will reduce as the battery gets closer to full capacity.

Charger Breakthrough

American researchers have discovered a way to recharge electric car batteries in just 10 minutes to top it off a Chinese company has managed cut this down further to 5 minutes. Currently the UK’s fastest 150kW chargers’ recharge in around 30 minutes only in models capable of this charge speed, e.g., the Audi E-Tron and Porsche Taycan.
Experts at Pennsylvania State University have found that by heating lithium (iron phosphate) batteries to 60-degrees and maintaining this temperature makes the lithium ions move faster but avoids any heat damage to the battery.
Head of research, Professor Chao-Yang Wang, claims that this enables the batteries to be fully charged in 10 minutes. He quoted: “Finally we are achieving parity with combustion vehicles in both cost and convenience. We have the technology for $25,000 electric cars that race like luxury sport cars, have 10-minute re-charge ability and are safer than any currently on the market.”

This is a massive step for the EV industry, using the newly discovered technology these batteries are able to provide a range of 250 miles, and can be recharged 2,500 times without any battery degradation. This means that consumers/owners can no longer be restricted by 30–45-minute charge times at service stations.


Meanwhile, Israeli company StoreDot partnered up with Eve Energy have produced batteries that can be charged in 5 minutes. Although a more powerful charger is needed to restore the batteries to full capacity in this short timeframe, StoreDot believes the technology is now accessible to make this a reality by 2025. The chargers currently available can give 100 miles of range in 5 minutes and retain 80% of their capacity after 1000 fast charges.

The Future

With companies like StoreDot and Eve Energy along with the research from experts such as Professor Chao-Yang Wang making these technological advancements so earlier on in the journey to zero-emissions, gives hope and security to those on the fence about making the switch to electric.

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