The Benefits of a Commercial EV Charging Station Installation

A commercial EV charging station installation at your business premises has numerous benefits, and first among them is the profit they can generate. Once installed, you essentially sell electricity to EV drivers so they can park and charge their vehicle’s battery.

Obviously, simply charging a fee for an EV charging service will soon make back the original installation cost and start generating profit by itself. EV usage is quickly growing in popularity, aided by legislation and tax and insurance benefits. There are also maps available of local charging stations, which means you have another means of attracting potential customers to your premises.

Another advantage is that drivers using your commercial EV charging station will have some time to kill while their battery charges. Depending on how much charging they need, they could be spending anywhere between 30 minutes and four hours with their vehicle parked in your charging station. This means they will check out the actual business you do and potentially spend even more money with you.

Also, if your business targets a wealthy and educated demographic, then there is huge potential to generate extra income from a commercial EV charging station. This is because a study by the Electric Vehicle Information Exchange revealed that EV drivers tend to be wealthier and better educated than the average general public member.

Let’s look at the other advantages you can benefit from by installing a commercial EV charging station at your business premises.

Increase the Visibility of Your Business

As briefly mentioned above, there are lots of websites, apps and EV charging maps which EV drivers use to locate convenient charging stations. By installing a commercial EV charging point at your premises, your business will appear on these websites, apps and maps. Free advertising to EV drivers can give you quite the edge over your competitors.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Reducing carbon footprints has become an increasingly important factor in business in recent years, and an EV charging station at your business premises can really help reduce yours. Firstly, going all-electric with your fleet is a massive step towards being as green as possible in your daily operations. In addition, installing EV charging points sends a positive message about your business priorities, which more and more consumers consider a major factor when choosing who they do business with.

Future Proof Your Business

There is already legislation urging businesses to switch their fleets to all-electric, with sales of new petrol and diesel cars to end in the UK by 2030. It is much better to future proof your business now by installing an EV charging station for your employees as well as for EV drivers looking for a handy charge point which you can profit from. Within the next decade, there is going to be a rush to install such charging stations as the restrictions on petrol and diesel vehicles increase, so now is the time to get ahead of the pack.

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