The Best Electric Vehicles for Commuters

The emergence of more nuanced electric vehicles in recent years has provided commuters with an alternative to petrol-guzzling cars and public transport. There is an array of EVs now that cater to certain specific needs, such as those with more powerful batteries for longer distances or those designed to be as compact as possible for congested city driving.

Which EV best suits your purposes for commuting will depend on how far you have to drive to work and what traffic and road conditions your journey encounters. You may need an EV that is better suited to long stretches of motorway, or one that can zip in and out of tight spaces.

Here we will look at a few of the best electric vehicles for commuting, with a few higher spec models as well as more affordable options to consider.

Ford Mustang Mach E

Ford’s first fully electric car is the Mustang Mach E, which is rather different from the traditional Mustang cars produced by Ford. This all-electric version runs practically silent and is available with either a 76 or 99kWh battery. With an extended Range installed, the range of this EV goes up to an impressive 379 miles. There is also a 15.5-inch control touchscreen in the front, similar to Tesla EVs, and features nearly 520 litres of storage space in the boot.

Jaguar I-Pace

The first EV manufactured by Jaguar is the all-electric I-Pace SUV which maintains the sports-like features of the brand within a family-orientated body design. It is one of the more expensive EVs on the market, so definitely one for those of us with a bit of cash to splash. It is a fun drive with plenty of useful storage space, though better suited to longer commutes than shorter ones.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

The Mercedes-Benz EQC is a medium-sized electric SUV that provides a bit of luxury for the driver and passengers. While pricy, it is very comfortable and easy to drive, and doesn’t look like your typical EV either. There is a whole host of technological features and controls to enjoy inside, and the distance range off of one charge is pretty impressive.

Skoda Enyaq

The Enyak iV from Skoda uses EV technology developed by the Volkswagen Group, though very much looks and feels like a Skoda. There are two and four wheel drive versions of the Enyaq iV, with the four wheel drive model including 60iV and 80iV versions that can go from 0 to 62mph in under nine seconds. The Skoda Enyaq is an interesting alternative to the pricier EV models listed above, especially for anyone who regularly commutes a significant distance.

Tesla Model S and Model 3

Tesla’s smart marketing has made the company almost synonymous with electric cars, and they have two models that definitely suit the commuter lifestyle. The original Model S was launched back in 2012 and was something of a pioneering vehicle that has retained its modernity even as newer EVs have been launched over the years since.

The Model 3 builds on the progress made by the previous models in the Tesla line-up, offering a more compact and affordable EV option for commuters.

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