Are Solar Panels A Good Investment?

We already know solar power is one of the cleanest power sources available and an excellent way to reduce our carbon footprint, but let’s look into how good an investment solar panels actually are.

Solar panels can be installed on most roofs on both residential and commercial buildings to generate electricity from the sun. Not only will this save money from not using electricity from the grid, but you can also make money by selling your excess electricity to the grid. This kind of energy independence protects you from fluctuating utility rates, as well as reducing your reliance on fossil fuels.

That all sounds great so far, but let’s look at some more benefits of solar panels, as well as any disadvantages that may influence your decision to invest.

Advantages of Solar Panels

So you know there are fantastic savings to be made on electricity by investing in solar panels, which is probably why you’re reading this. But you can also increase the value of your home by installing solar panels.

Research has shown solar-powered homes to earn more and sell faster, as well as attract more attention from interested parties. This study by Zillow from 2019 revealed homes with solar power systems sold for 4.1% more on average than similar homes without solar power.

A solar power system also protects you from power outages, as well as reducing the risk of electrical fire.

Disadvantages of Solar Panels

The cost of installing solar panels is not insignificant, even if you can make your money back and more quite quickly through energy savings. For some people though, the upfront cost could be prohibitive. Home owners are more likely to have the money available so this may be less of a concern as they will have the financial stability to invest the money now and ultimately make that money back through the reduced utility costs.

Another potential disadvantage is the maintenance required to keep solar panels in good condition. They do not require regular maintenance but they will need a check-up every now and then. Usually the costs of maintenance are quite low, especially if there are no actual repairs needed. Also by the time they might need a check-up, the solar panels should have already started paying for themselves anyway.

Usually the company who installs the solar panels will also be able to conduct maintenance whenever required and will likely offer a good rate as part of the package.


As you can see, the disadvantages of solar panels are minimal compared to the advantages. If the upfront cost can be afforded, then solar panels will pay for themselves soon enough and make that money back before going on to make you incredible savings over time.

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